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Welcome to “theory in practice” — I intend to turn this into a place to discuss database technology, ideas related to “big data”, and what it takes to turn these ideas into products. And although you will eventually find all sorts of subjects here, there are three recurring themes that are near and dear to my heart:

Research & Development – In my job research and development are the two sides of the same coin. We are constantly looking for exciting ways to enhance database technology by solving some darn hard problems and we are constantly looking how best to turn these solutions into solid products.

Expectations & Applications – Users have data problems not database problems. We database people tend to think in terms of implementations and features but forget sometimes what it actually was our users wanted to solve in the first place and — equally important — in which context.

The Human Element – To generate great ideas and build great products, you need a great team. Hiring and mentoring is a fundamental part of my professional life — hence, we will talk about observations around the hiring process and tips & tricks for candidates and hiring managers alike.

Okay, this will be fun. Stay tuned.

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