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Much has been written about EMC’s acquisition of Greenplum a few weeks back. Most of the discourse focused on the impact EMC  will have with the newly formed Data Computing Products Division on the data warehousing landscape as a whole and the appliance market in particular. The contributions spanned the whole spectrum from serious punditry all the way to plain gossip. And I’m sure investors would find these quips useful or — in case of the latter — at least entertaining.

For the candidates we are currently interviewing, a couple of additional questions that haven’t been answered in the blogosphere are important. Here are some of the most frequently asked ones:

Q: What has changed for Greenplum R&D through the acquisition?

A: Not really much — we’ll continue to innovate, run circles around the competition and have fun doing so! Just with more money in the bank, access to additional sales channels and infrastructure, etc., which will help us accelerate growth. We partnered closely with EMC already in the past and worked on joint projects including the exploring of new storage configurations. It’s fair to say you will see more of this :-)


Q: Isn’t EMC an odd partner to be acquired by, compared to, say, one of the more traditional database companies?

A: The best part about the acquisition is that EMC did NOT have a database department! Why? Any company with a database department that could have acquired Greenplum would have to integrate different product groups, i.e., reconcile different architectures, design philosophies, feature sets, etc. There are plenty of examples in the database world where this kind of thing went awfully wrong (Quick, how many of these train wrecks, I was alluding to, can you name? More than half a dozen? Wasn’t difficult, huh?)

Q: Who sets the direction of the new Data Computing Products Division?

A: Greenplum brings database expertise to EMC and is in charge of defining the product agenda (Bill Cook, the former CEO of Greenplum heads the new DCP Division, after all).  As you can tell from other recent acquisitions of EMC’s, they understand the value of letting the companies they acquire do what they are best at.

At Greenplum we always believed we are in charge of our own destiny — no change of plans!

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