smdb’13 — spread the word

Slide1ICDE’s Workshop for Self-Managing Database Systems (SMDB) has long been the venue for all things concerning self-management of databases, however, it’s only with the advent of Big Data and the increasing popularity of hard-to-manage data sizes, data formats, and data fire hoses that self-management finally takes center stage! 

We’re excited to organize this gathering and calling on all researchers and practitioners to consider submitting novel ideas, war stories, vision and experience papers. In the spirit of a true workshop, we’re looking for work-in-progress and kept the format of submissions to 6 pages.

Submission deadlines are as follows:
11/19/2012 — abstract submission
11/26/2012 — full paper due

Help us spread the word and let your coworkers or students know. Feel free to print the flyer and put it on your office door or your message!

For details visit the workshop website at

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