smdb’13 — the votes are in

The reviewing period for this year’s IEEE Workshop on Self-Managing Databases (SMDB) is over and the top papers have been determined! I’m very excited we were able to compile a strong program. As the following Wordle constructed from the abstracts tells you—well, actually, I let you come up with your own interpretation:


Big shout out to the members of the PC who’ve done an outstanding job reviewing a pile of papers in record time! Thank you!

And without further ado, here’s the list:

Realistic Tenant Traces for Enterprise DBaaS
Tim Januschowski (SAP Innovation Center),  Jan Schaffner (Hasso-Plattner-Institut)

INUM+: A leaner, more accurate and more efficient fast what-if optimizer
Rui Wang (UCSC),  Quoc Trung Tran (UCSC),  Ivo Jimenez (UCSC),  Neoklis Polyzotis (University of California Santa Cruz)

Automatic Schema Design for Co-Clustered Tables
Stephan Baumann (TU-Ilmenau),  Peter Boncz (CWI Amsterdam),  Kai-Uwe Sattler (T.U. Ilmenau)

Model Ensemble Tools for Self-Management in Data Centers
Jin Chen (University of Toronto),  Cristiana Amza (University of Toronto)

Performance Optimization for Distributed Intra-Node-Parallel Streaming Systems
Matthias Sax (Humboldt-UniversitŠt zu Berlin),  Malu Castellanos (HP Labs),  Qiming Chen (HP Labs),  Meichun Hsu (HP Labs)

Self-managing load shedding for data stream management systems
Thao Pham (University of Pittsburgh),  Panos Chrysanthis (University of Pittsburgh),  Alexandros Labrinidis (University of Pittsburgh)

Total Operator State Recall — Cost-effective Reuse of Results in Greenplum Database
George Caragea (EMC),  Carlos Garcia-Alvarado (EMC),  Michalis Petropoulos (EMC),  Florian Waas (EMC)

For details and a detailed program, check out the workshop website at


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